About Back Porch Theology

The Back Porch was originally created as a sports and pop culture centered forum in which deep conversations on shallow topics could take place. Over the years the concept has generated a multitude of entertaining conversations, some of which have result in deep thoughts, others eh, not so much. That’s not really what’s important. What’s important is that those conversations happened and continue to happen.

Because of my churchy background and Bible college attendance, though my chapel attendance was a bit lacking, those conversations have occasionally drifted into the world of religion. So I figured, you don’t fight the riptide, just roll with it and hence, Back Porch Theology was born.

From talk on why bad things happen to good people to chatter on who you would cast in the role of Zacchaeus (always Danny DeVito for me). Here you will find casual conversations, some serious, many shallow, but all of a churchy flavor.

Of course some folks say you should never talk about politics or religion. To those folks I say, “OK.” Seriously though, some folks also say a Dairy Queen Blizzard isn’t the breakfast of champions, so to each his own.

OK, you get the point. Here’s a little more about me:

Bible college alum and former teacher turned journalist.

Lover of sports, breakfast cereals, Ghostbusters, the smell of football season, and rotisserie chickens.

Non-lover of wet socks, Chinese food, awkward all male enhance commercials, restaurants without free refills.

Drop me a line at twilliams161@gmail.com or on Twitter @TravisKWilliams


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