Team Joseph or Team David

Do you remember Dan and Dave?

Prior to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, which might have very well been the best Olympics ever, Reebok launched a campaign for these two American decathletes. It was epic and forced us all to ask ourselves, I’m Team Dan, or am I Team Dave?

Of course then Dan failed to qualify for the games and needless to say, the campaign lost a little steam, as did everyone on Team Dan. Still though, what a ride.

So that was the first time I had to make a decision about which guy’s team I was going to be on, but it was far from the most important time.

Shortly after college, I met a girl and I thought, I might like her.

Now let me preface this story with a little disclaimer/warning/life advice. If you are a married lady, wear your freaking wedding ring.

If you don’t wear your wedding ring, make sure to talk about your husband, a lot. If you do neither of these nor just come right out and tell a dude, ‘Hey, I’m hitched,’ you are a devious false-advertising [insert favorite bad word for an awful person here.]

With that said, I found myself in a bit of a situation, not unlike the ones featured in the Biblical tales of Joesph and David.

Joesph faced the temptation of Potiphar’s wife — who was actually pretty smoking in the movie they showed us in Bible college — but instead of giving in, took off running so fast, he ran out of his shirt.

David, on the other hand, went right up on roof, saw Bathsheba bathing, and said, “Yup, go get me that.”

So I had a decision to make, was I going to be Team Joesph or was I going to be Team David? Was I going to run from this temptation or was I going to run towards it?

I seriously remember going through this thought process at the time and for one of the few times in my life, I actually chose the right team.

I went all Team Joesph and took off. Granted, it was probably a bit slower than him and I kept my shirt on, but still, I feel the need to slightly celebrate my rare good decision.

Of course you don’t have to be faced with adultery to be facing a Joesph or David situation, they smack us in the face everyday.

Perhaps it’s whether or not to put yourself in a situation in which you’re likely to lose your cool. Maybe it’s whether or not to stay up real late on internet with all those shady sites lurking out there. Or it could just be the choice you’re facing over telling a tiny little lie.

Regardless what it is exactly, everyday we have to decide, are we going to run to sin or run from sin?

And let’s be real, it’s rarely as simply as that because it’s often so hard to see the big picture outcome when we’re in the moment. I mean heck, even if you look at Joesph and David’s situations right after their decisions were made, it could be hard to decide which outcome was better.

Joesph ended up going to jail because Potiphar’s wife was apparently a lot like the girl I knew in the lying department, while David stayed in his palace and began his attempt to weasel out of a pregnancy he created. In the small picture, David seemed to come out on top.

Of course in the big picture, David ends up losing a son and Joseph ends up ruling all of Egypt. That’s not to say David was an overall bad dude — I love that guy — but his decision came with consequences, as did Joseph’s.

Life can get real cloudy, especially when it comes to facing temptation. But for me, it’s those times decisions really can be boiled down to one question.

Am I Team Joseph or Team David?








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I work as a reporter for a newspaper in southwest Virginia. I play as a writer specializing in deep thoughts on shallow, and occasionally not so shallow, subjects. I'm also a former history teacher, bible college alum, and lover of the NBA and kids' breakfast cereals. It's a delicate blend. -- @TravisKWilliams on Twitter
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  1. Amanda says:

    Fantastic, as always.

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