Friends forever?

Zach Attack would have you believe that friends are forever.

Normally I wouldn’t doubt any Saved by the Bell wisdom, but seeing how Zach Attack itself was a lot less than forever, I’ll make an exception. I mean they didn’t even get to play one good Bayside prom, despite the amazing fact each one of them (aside from Kelly) secretly spent their high school days mastering an instrument. Lisa Turtle was born to play bass. Fact.

By the way, I tried embed this, but failed miserably. The link should be good though and well worth your time.

Zack Attack – Friends Forever by ray548

Anyway, I was talking with my younger brother the other day about the topic of friends. He was a little worried because he was realizing that sooner or later his friends would be graduating college and heading off to who knows where to start careers.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had those circles of friends that, at the time, we couldn’t imagine surviving without. Our greatest plans back then included living next door to these folks and spending Saturday afternoons grilling large quantities of meat together over football games and Walker Texas Ranger reruns. (OK, maybe that was just me.)

At the time, it’s a terrifying thought that those who are hearts are so tied to might no longer be close. We can’t imagine life without them.

When it all pans out, however, we realize that’s just not how life tends to work out.

Some people take jobs in other places. Some get married to people with ties elsewhere. And even those who stay in the same basic area as us, often grow in different ways which change our relationship with them.

It’s just how life works. There is always a revolving door filled with people entering and exiting our lives. Some stay for a minute, some for an hour, and a few for a lifetime.

Honestly though, the amount of time spent isn’t what’s really important. What’s important is the the impression each person leaves on us and us on them.

We really are kind of like clay, er Play-Doh, in that sense. (Clay just seems too legit for this blog.)

Each person we encounter molds us in some way, and us them. Each person we encounter leaves and impression on us, and us them. None of us is ever exactly what we were prior to the meeting. We’re all constantly changing each other and being changed, and most of the time that’s not a bad thing.

The Bible compares this to the way iron sharpens iron. One blade touches another and changes it.

In the same way, people change people. We touch change each other, and hopefully for the better. Some friends sharpen you, other friends, you sharpen. I think it’s important to have both in your life.

The truth is, friends aren’t forever and that sucks.

But the impact they have on us, and we on them, can be forever, and that’s pretty cool.

I think it also should remind us that we would be wise to realize how important our time with each other is and make the most of those impressions.


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