I can vs. I should

“Can you eat a pumpkin?”

This question popped up on my Twitter feed and I couldn’t resist chiming in.

From Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights (yes, those amazing little smiling cookies) to pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer to Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts, I find it a necessity to take in as much “pumpkin” as possible each fall. Pretty sure it makes you more American.

After some Twitter chatter over the subject, I learned the question was less about using pumpkin to create deliciousness and more about whether or not this person could eat a pumpkin raw, like an apple.

Of course I said “yes,” mostly because I wanted to see the dude chomp down on Jack-o-lantern, but fact is you can eat raw pumpkin. In fact I found this entire video with this vegan guy who apparently loves eating pumpkin almost as much as he loves airbrushed pictures of himself.

Granted, he does have a pretty sweet looking kitchen.

So maybe you can eat pumpkin, but does that mean you should?

You’ve got to decide that one for yourself, but I do know that there are a lot of things in life that I can do, but that I shouldn’t do. There are a lot of things that I have the freedom to partake in, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be productive for me.

It’s easy for us at times to get caught up in what we have the freedom to do in life. It’s like when you turn 17 and you suddenly realize no one can stop you from watching R-rated movies. Sure, you can go hog wild with that, but sitting around watching the 60-some odd sequels to “Saw” probably isn’t going to make you a better person.

Sure, you’re over 18, but just because you can develop a pack-a-day habit doesn’t mean you should start chain smoking menthols. In the best case scenario that will just lead to bad breath and lots of time spent standing outside of places in bad weather.

We have the freedom to do a lot of things in life, but freedom always has to be balanced with responsibility in order to produce the best results.

Granted, a lot of times it’s not quite that simple. I’ve jumped on the freedom wagon plenty of times and I have to wonder how many times that has caused me to miss out on what could have been better results.

I have to wonder how many times I let my obsession for having the freedom to do something kind of good rob me of something great or how many times it’s simply left me in a less than desirable situation.

Freedom’s great, but like a lot of things in life, I’ve got to learn to take it in moderation.

Freedom is like the icing on the decision-making cake, and it’s wonderful and I’m very thankful for it, but if you just go all icing, you’re likely in for a belly ache.

That’s probably also the case for eating pumpkins like apples, but I’ll leaving the testing of that theory up to someone else.

— @TravisKWilliams


About travman44

I work as a reporter for a newspaper in southwest Virginia. I play as a writer specializing in deep thoughts on shallow, and occasionally not so shallow, subjects. I'm also a former history teacher, bible college alum, and lover of the NBA and kids' breakfast cereals. It's a delicate blend. -- @TravisKWilliams on Twitter
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